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During pandemic, our preferred way of accepting payments is via Interact e transfers though all other forms are accepted too. Interact e transfer is contactless payment method and is instant.

Payments can be sent to payments@safetrack.ca followed by following info either emailed to same email address or texted to 780-236-0022:

  • Name of the Program being opted
  • Students full name
  • Students complete address for pick up and drop off (inside the city limits)
  • Students email address on which we will be sending the link for online classroom if the student opted for online classroom
  • An email address on which we will be sending the receipt for the payment if different from students email address
  • Students availability during weekdays and weekends for the driving lessons: (early mornings/late mornings/early afternoons/late afternoons/evenings
  • Best contact number to reach student. Please specify if this is cell number

If preferred, we can always accept cash/personal cheques/debit/ and credit card payments. For credit card payments, we will send a password protected invoice via email containing a secure link that you will able to click to make payment by entering your credit card information.

Please note, there is 3% extra fee for using the credit card. This is the surcharge which goes to the bank and not us. This will be on top of full payment with GST.

We always give Interact e-transfers the first priority just for the 2 reasons: One there is no extra bank fee on them and second it is contactless and instant payment method preferred in Covid pandemic. This is also considered the safest method by Canadian banks.

However, we can go with whatever method of payment you prefer.