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About Safetrack Driving School

Our name defines our commitment to your safety. We are certified driving instructors approved by Government of Alberta who can train you to become a safe driver. Our Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons are tailored to your needs, and are designed to help you learn quickly and safely to respond to changing road conditions. Similarly, our classroom curriculum will help you understand the importance of traffic laws and teach you to be aware of your surroundings. The combination of our Behind-the-Wheel and classroom instruction course will make you an ideal driver.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe a company built upon the foundations of respect, honesty, and fairness will offer the best customer satisfaction. Safetrack Driving School Ltd. is such a company and sets the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best learning experience for all student drivers.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We understand that every student in our class is unique; with varying abilities and learning style. Our curriculum provides students the tools they need to become a safe driver. We try to make the training enjoyable with strong emphasis on hands-on learning. We ensure every student receives a solid learning experience along with the assistance, assurance, and confidence they need to succeed.

Our Values

Honesty: Always abide by the principles of honesty to gain mutual respect.

Responsibility: Always teach students with passion and respect.

Innovation: Always seek creative methods to "find a better way" thus resulting in continuous improvement. We anticipate and embrace change, adapting rapidly to meet evolving needs and interests.

Quality: Quality is never an accident. Always provide the highest level of customer service with unwavering dedication.

The best driving school.

We have also been a "Three Best Rated" driving school consistently since 2016 in Edmonton.

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Safetrack Driving School is a top-rated driving school on Google.

Alberta Transportation Certified Driving Instructors

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Larry Brar

Cater to area: South/east/west and central Edmonton
Vehicle: Honda Accord Hybrid 2016 (Sedan)
Language Spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English
Hobbies: Gardening

Hi, I'm Larry, an in-car instructor in Edmonton, and I've been sharing my passion for driving as a driving instructor for almost two decades now! I love working with people to develop their driving skills, and the feeling of watching students grow confidence in their abilities.

I love to keep students engaged in turns/merging onto freeways and highways/driving on the roads with different controls and parking’s. If ever, I end up making someone driving straight, it will definitely be accompanied by lane changes. This type of skill often causes anxiety for drivers, but it's a breeze once you know the right approach. That's where I come in!

I like to make sure every student has fun while learning. I use different methods of delivering instructions and present many different learning opportunities to keep things interesting. I am good in giving live real examples of my personal driving experience to present a point. I pride myself on being responsive to students and ready to address any questions they have.

It's important to me that students are eager to learn, and I match their enthusiasm with the same pace and style of learning. I can sense when a student needs extra help, is nervous, or confused, and do my best to help them overcome those challenges. After all, we're in this.

Students do feel constructive push as I keep raising the bar in each lesson and love to provide continuous feedback with constructive criticism.

My favourite skill to teach is 'commentary driving' because it forces you to be fully aware of your surroundings and be proactive instead of reactive. If more people used this strategy, I believe there would be fewer collisions on our roads. Not sure what commentary driving is? Let's team up and I can teach you!

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Pardeep Mann

Cater to area: All over Edmonton/Sherwood park/St. Albert
Vehicle: Tesla Model Y 2022 (SUV)
Language Spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English
Hobbies: Baking/Exploring new walking trails

Hello! My name is Pardeep and I'm an in-car instructor with more than a decade of Driver Education experience. I would describe my teaching style as warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring.

I excel at lesson planning, developing an instant rapport, and customizing my style of teaching to match each person. My expectations are clear, and I offer continuous feedback so that lessons are as transparent as possible. Two-way communication is vital to ensure driving success.

There's something very personal about sitting next to a student who's learning to drive. To be chosen to help someone with this important achievement is a real honour for me. My ability to teach in multiple languages helps me connect with students of many backgrounds and allows them to feel more comfortable and focused. My enthusiasm helps instill positivity in each student, along with a hunger to learn more.

I look forward to helping you become a confident driver!

My favourite skill to teach is 'commentary driving' because it forces you to be fully aware of your surroundings and be proactive instead of reactive. If more people used this strategy, I believe there would be fewer collisions on our roads. Not sure what commentary driving is? Let's team up and I can teach you!

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Abhi Mahajan

Cater to area: All over Edmonton/Sherwood park
Vehicle: Lexus 300 Hybrid 2017 (Sedan)
Language Spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English
Hobbies: Traveling/Gastronomy

Hi, I'm Abhi, an in-car instructor for last 10 years who's passionate about helping new drivers learn the rules of the road. For me, it's all about giving you the skills to be a confident, competent and safe driver for life.

I care about building good driving habits that can be passed on from one generation to the next. And it's not as easy as some people think! For a new driver who's about to get into an unfamiliar vehicle with a stranger, the experience can be a bit nerve-wracking. That's why first impressions are so important. I make every effort to put my students at ease. I'm always calm because I want my students to feel safe and comfortable and get the most out of our lessons together.

My favourite skills to teach are turns, lane changes, merging and parking. Many students find these intimidating to learn, but with my patient style of coaching, I help them become capable and confident in their abilities. Whether I’m teaching a brand-new driver or someone just looking to brush up their skills, I know I can make a lasting difference.

I see my role as a supportive mentor, which allows me to connect better with my students. I often run into my former students and they always tell me how much of an impact I made in their lives. It's extremely fulfilling. I've also received many word-of-mouth referrals, so I must be doing something right!

If you're ready to start learning, I'd love to be your coach. Let's talk!

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Jatinder Pal Singh

Cater to area: East/South/West and Central Edmonton including Beaumont
Vehicle: Honda Civic 2019 (Sedan)
Language Spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English
Hobbies: Driving/Hiking and reading

Hello, My name is Jatinderpal and I've been an in-car instructor for last 6 years. I also drive ETS Bus for last 10 years. I am inspired to work with the younger generation to ensure safe drivers are in place for the future. I offer excellent knowledge of driving and possess a sense of empathy to relate well to my students - especially those who initially struggle to understand new concepts. I know that no two learners are the same and different individuals have varied driving skills. I work hard to motivate each person to progress at the pace they're comfortable with.

I'll be your supportive guide on the journey to becoming a confident and effective motorist. Driving can be intimidating, but knowledge is power - and by empowering each person, their confidence evolves and flourishes. It's so rewarding to witness.

My favourite part is to teach driving defensively. I teach lots of skills for the same and not just limited to secondary should check. No new skillset can be achieved the first time it is attempted, but I encourage each person to practice until they realize that they can do it!

I look forward to helping you become a safe and confident driver.

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Parminder Singh

Cater to area: East/South/West and Central Edmonton including Beaumont
Vehicle: Toyota Prius V 2015 (Sedan)
Language Spoken:English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
Hobbies: Driving/Hiking and reading

Hi, I am Parminder Singh, a Post Graduate in Business Administration. I am a driving instructor for more than 5 years. After successfully running a driving school (PRIME Driving School) in Manitoba as an owner operator, I joined hands with one of the best schools in Edmonton, Safetrack driving school. I have an experience in teaching people of all ages. I am confident that my skills and passion for teaching would be a valuable addition in teaching beginners how to operate a vehicle safely and lawfully.

In addition to my experience as a driving instructor, I have also worked in service industry for more than 8 years. This has given me excellent communication and problem-solving skills, which I can use in my role as a driving instructor.

I would love to teach students how to use signs and signals, Driver and pedestrian rights, Defensive and proactive driving attitudes and techniques, Driving near bicycles and motorcycles, Driving in adverse weather conditions, Interpret dashboard instruments, Do shoulder checks, Make turns and change lanes, Merge into traffic and exit freeways, Handle situations in which other drivers are not driving safely or courteously. My enthusiasm helps instill positivity in each student, along with a hunger to learn more.

I would love to teach 'Commentary driving' which is my favorite skill, because it increases the drivers’ “Observation skills” that enables the driver to be more vigilant of driving conditions and surroundings. It makes the driver to be proactive instead of reactive. If more people used this strategy, I believe there would be fewer collisions on our roads.

Let’s reserve your schedule, step forward to become a safe, confident and a law biding driver.

Safetrack Certified Instructor

Mantian Du

Cater to area: East/South/West and Central Edmonton
Vehicle: Toyota Corolla 2020 (Sedan)
Language Spoken:English, Chinese (Mandarin)
Hobbies: Badminton

Hello, my name is Mantian Du, I'm a in-car instructor in Edmonton. I enjoy driving and would like to share and deliver my experience to all the people who want to learn how to drive. I'm a patient and passionate person who always keep calm in any situations. Also, I used to work as a customer service staff, I know well how to communicate to my customers as well as my students.

I understand every student is unique, therefore, I use different methods when I teach my students and make sure every single student will become a driver with sufficient driving skills, confident and knowledge.

I will bring students to traffic circle, merging into highway, and any situations that may challenge new drivers. Let the students get familiar with the traffic conditions so they can drive without fear. I also like to let my students do commentary drive to let them aware of all potential hazards on the road to ensure safety is the priority.

If you decided to learn, let's go for it.

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